Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner

Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner

IMG_0817Goodbye Days is a YA novel that could be loved by young, medium, and old adults alike! It deals with the tough concepts of grief and loss. Carver sends a text message asking his three best friends to come pick him up from work. He never hears back from them: the car they were in crashes on the highway and all three boys die on impact. They find the driver’s phone with a half-compossed response message to Carver. So not only has Carver lost his best friends, but he has terrible guilt over the possibility that his text message caused their deaths. To make matters worse, the DA starts an investigation on the crash to find possible involuntary manslaughter charges they can bring against Carver. Loss, guilt, and fear cause Carver to start having panic attacks, which leads him into therapy.

To help himself and the loved ones of his friends, Carver embarks on a series of ‘goodbye days’ in which one by one, he and the families spend a day doing things that the friends liked doing. Each family spends their goodbye day differently. Each family also has varying degrees of accepting who their child was. Some parents wanted to hear what Carver had to add to the memory of their child, while others were not as open.

The story itself is very good, the plot moves along quickly and there were definitely times where I had to put the book in my lap to contemplate what Carver was going through. Of course, the dialouge is very enjoyable because its so real, like other YA books, but the writing overall is just amazing. Jeff Zentner crafted a YA novel with an intense subject matter, but beautifully balanced the light and the dark. Throughout the whole book, there are amazing life insights that had me nodding my head at their accuracy. I really love this writer any highly recommend this book to anyone with feelings! Loved it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars!

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