Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown

Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown

IMG_0892Prepare yourself for an upside down/inside out thriller with a spider web of clues and plot twists. Watch Me Disappear begins when Olive sees a vision of her dead mother, Billie. A mother who left for a solo hiking trip almost a year ago and was never found or heard from again. In Olive’s premonition, her mother asks her to come find her.  Excited, Olive thinks that her mother is alive after all and has come into harm.  When Olive tells her father, Jonathan, about what she saw, he begins to worry that the stress from the past year is starting to wear on his teenage daughter.  He thinks her vision was nothing more than an emotional state until… some new facts come to light.

When Jonathan meets with Rita, one of Billie’s old hiking buddies, he learns that weekend long hiking trips that Billie and Rita supposedly had taken over the past year never actually happened.  So where had Billie been on all those weekends?  Finding password protected files on Billie’s computer start Jonathan on his own investigative journey to find his wife, dead or alive.  Every page and every chapter reveals some new piece of information into the complex and complicated life of his missing wife. Secrets are unearthed and Jonathan must compile everything he learns about his wife from other people from her past to find out what has become to her, or yet, what she has done with herself.

I give Watch Me Disappear 4 out of 5 stars.  I liked the characters, plot and the ending.  The only reason I took off a star is because of the pace: This is what some people might call a slow-burn.  There were a lot of details and descriptions and a lot of inner dialogue.  There is a lot of character development and also relationship development between the father and the daughter, which really did add quality and authenticity to the novel as a whole. The writing was very good, but for me personally I prefer my thrillers to move at lightning speed and this one was at a thunder rumble: slower but still equally strong and intense.

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