Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land

Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land

IMG_0992What an emotional roller coaster of a thriller: I went from sympathy, to disgust, to shock! Good Me Bad Me is in a league all its own and I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

Milly is a teen in foster care.  Her mother was a serial killer who used the fact of having a daughter of her own as a ruse to lure other children to her home, where she would hurt them (in mostly undisclosed ways, not really any graphic descriptions of abuse) and eventually kill them.  When her mother takes and murders a young boy that Milly knew in her outside life, she finally goes to the police and tells them everything.

In the days leading up to her mothers trial, Milly struggles with my things: her new life and foster family, her new school and the inner struggle she has over what happened with her mother.  Part of her misses her mother, but as soon as she does she feels guilty and scared that she is ‘like’ her mother.  A very shocking ending made this a very entertaining psychological thriller!

As I mentioned before, this book had me feeling all kinds of things.  I felt so bad for the lost Milly, taken to foster care at age 15.  I wanted to be there with her and counsel her through her tough times. I felt disgust at her mother, and what she did, and also at the stories about things she said or did to her own daughter. However, I couldn’t figure out just which way the author was trying to portray Milly’s image: good me, bad me! The ending was a pretty big shock for me but I thought it really tied things up well. I was also thankful for the tack in describing her mother’s crimes, lots of things were insinuated but there weren’t any graphic details. Because of the abuse theme in this book, it may be a trigger to people who have experienced abuse, so please take that into consideration when choosing this book.

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