Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine

Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine

IMG_1427Stillhouse Lake is hands-down the best thriller I’ve read this year! It is an easy 5 star rating for me!

Gwen Proctor is on the run from her past. After police discovered that her husband was not only a serial killer but sickly mutilated his victims, Gwen took her kids and left. She was initially tried as an accomplice, but was later acquitted. But that was enough to set the ‘trolls’ on her. People seemed to hate Gwen more than her husband, who was the actual murderer.  No one believes she is innocent and they constantly harass her with hate mail and death threats.  So to keep her children safe, she changed their identities and moved to a new location, repeating this effort every so often when the trolls find her again. Stillhouse Lake is different.  For the first time, she has bought a house and put down semi-roots in the quiet Tennessee community.  But when two girls are found dead, killed in the same way her husband used to kill, Gwen of course looks like the obvious suspect.  She must fight against her husband who is operating from jail with the help of accomplices he pays off.  While feeling like she can’t trust anyone, she doesn’t know who to turn to or who can help her.

I have had this book on my shelf for months and I can’t believe I am just now reading it! It was action packed from the very first page. It was thrilling all the way through without being over eager. I loved the writing, I loved the plot and while I had many suspicions, I was guessing right up to the end.  Caine did a great job of shedding shadow and light onto each supporting character so you could never be sure who was telling the truth and who wasn’t. I loved Gwen, she was so badass, but also so real in her self-doubt.  She wasn’t trying to be tough, she was trying to be safe. The ending was great too, it resolved the conflicts from the story while leaving it blown wide open and ready for a sequel, which is due out in December 2017. I don’t have one word of critique for Stillhouse Lake.  A must read for thriller lovers!

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