The Guise of Another by Allen Eskens

The Guise of Another by Allen Eskens

44019490-D11E-4031-873F-333216364679I read Allen Eskens first book, The Life We Bury, about a year ago and really liked it. I told myself “Hmm, I’m going to have to watch for this author”. Well, his latest came out in October and while I was looking into it, I saw that he has two other books that I totally missed. So much for looking out. Anyway, I asked around and the consensus was to read his books in order. So I bought the other books and got started on his second novel The Guise of Another and I’m so glad I did!

A Minnesota detective has fallen from grace after a scandal erupted in the last task force he organized. Now working in the fraud department, Alexander Rupert begins looking into a reported case of identity fraud with unusual circumstances. A man named James Putnam has died in a car accident. When Putnam’s only living relative is contacted, a brother in jail, it is confirmed that the man who died is not actually James Putnam. So who is the man who died, and where is the real James Putnam?

This novel was very well done crime fiction. With short chapters and suspense around every corner, it was hard to put down. Eskens develops his characters very smoothly so that you can really become vested in them but not too much time is spent rambling on back stories. This novel is definitely plot driven but with the feel of being character driven. In my opinion, that’s the best of both worlds. Well written and orgazinef, I thoroughly enjoyed this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star mystery!


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