Killman Creek by Rachel Caine

Killman Creek by Rachel Caine

EBE38F4A-2FAF-4B33-BC40-DA46FE586071Thank you so much to Amazon Publishing for providing me with a free copy of ‘Killman Creek’ in exchange for my honest review! All opinions are my own. 

I can’t talk about this book without first mentioning the book that came before it, Stillhouse Lake.  In that first book of this series, Gwen Proctor is running from a horrific past, one in which her ex-husband is discovered to be a brutal serial killer. He never seemed evil on the outside and had everyone fooled, but when an accident exposes his secret “kill room”, Melvin is hauled off to jail.  Even though that should be the end of the horror for Gwen, it is only the beginning.  Internet trolls spew out constant hate mail and conspiracy theories about how she must have known what was going on or that Gwen was even helping Melvin kill.  This is what causes her to run and stay on the move for her safety and the safety of her children.

That leads into the second novel, Killman Creek, and now Gwen is done running.  Now, she is hunting.  Her ex-husband has escaped from prison and she knows the only way to end things once and for all is to find him and kill him.  In her search to find him, her and Sam Cade, a brother of one of Melvin’s victims, start uncovering more about Absolom, the dark web entity that helped Melvin keep tract of Gwen while he was in prison. Together, they are determined to bring down Melvin and the group of people who helped him.  The more secrets they find, the more horrific and evil Melvin and his helpers are discovered to be.

The first book was told solely from Gwen’s point of view.  I loved reading about her metamorphosis from cowering, simple wife to the strong fighter she becomes.  I like her character because she seems as real as someone in her situation could be.  She made mistakes and got mad at herself for it.  She isn’t some untouchable warrior and she knows it. In Killman Creek, the story is told in alternating view points including Gwen, Sam and each of her two children, Conner and Lanny.  I really liked the switch in POV’s because it built the story up even more.  We get to see the inner struggle that her kids are dealing with in such a scary situation. I also felt like the first book was laying the ground work for Killman Creek, which is darker, more evil, and more intense.  Killman Creek was so fierce and a page turner from start to finish!  I am hearing that a third book is coming and if it is, I can’t wait!  These two books are probably the best thrillers I have read all year! Five stars!!

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