The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor

The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor

2A61D9CA-C561-46CF-957C-AC59FB60D02FIn the summer of 1986, strange things start happening in the small town where Eddie and his four buddies live: a freak accident at the fair, a strange new neighbor and a dead girl. The boys had been drawing chalk symbols at each other’s homes as a fun way to communicate with each other.  However, everything changes the day that chalk images and arrows direct the boys to the park where they find the dismembered body of a girl from their town. In present time, three of the four boys, now men, still live in the same town and all have received an unsigned letter in the mail with only a drawing of a chalk man on it.  When their estranged fourth friend shows up, they begin to wonder what is going on and if the horrors from that summer are coming back to haunt them.

This novel is told in alternating time periods of past and present until they both meet for the conclusion. I liked this aspect and I liked reading about a group of four 12 year old buddies hanging out on summer break. I was getting ‘Stand By Me’ vibes and even a little ‘Stranger Things’ without the aliens. I am an 80’s baby so I liked reading these sections. I liked the conclusion and ending of this book, but I had some issues with the plot.  I felt like it was a little loose and I was about 100 pages in and was still unsure of what the problem was.  A crime is alluded to, then a murder is alluded to, and it’s not until page 175 that we even find out who got murdered.  The ending tied up all the loose ends nicely, but the first two thirds of the book didn’t have enough focus for me. Overall, I liked it, but because of the lack of direction, I don’t feel like I got immersed in this book enough and I don’t feel like it will stay with me. I give it 3/5 stars.


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