Force of Nature by Jane Harper

Force of Nature by Jane Harper

A8C5B618-F3AF-4769-9469-BE0EE6AA873AThank you so much to Flatiron Books for sending me a free copy of Force of Nature in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own. 

The summary for Force of Nature is simple.  As part of a team building exercise, five female colleagues are forced to go on a weekend long hiking trip through the wild brush land wilderness.  They have campsites to reach each day, and are due back by noon on the third day. When the time arrives, the women still aren’t back.  An hour passes, then another and just when the rangers start to talk about sending in a rescue team, the women emerge on a different path….but there are only four women.  They are all asking if Alice made it back alright, which she hasn’t.  So where is Alice? Aaron Falk gets involved with the search because he has been working closely with Alice for the past several weeks while he researches her firm’s suspected involvement with money laundering.  Could her disappearance have something to do with what she was about to bring to the police?

Force of Nature was one of my highly anticipated releases for 2018 and it did not disappoint!  In fact, I think I may have liked it even more than The Dry, Harper’s debut novel from 2016.  This highly atmospheric novel had me feeling like I was right there in the Australian wilderness and questioning what I would do if I were lost in the forest.  Each chapter is in two parts:  The first part follows the present time storyline and the search for the missing woman, the second part is the story of the hike starting at the very beginning.  Being written in that way gave the story a lot of suspense and as the search was escalating so was what was happening out in the wilderness on the hike. I did NOT guess the ending but all the loose ends were tied up nicely,  which I always appreciate. I think that Jane Harper has earned her spot on my list of auto read authors! I can’t wait to read whatever comes next! Five stars for Force of Nature!

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