Dominic by Mark Prior

Dominic by Mark Prior

6778FA0C-6573-4100-A25B-109CA3414A9DThank you to Seventh Street/Prometheus books for sending me a free copy of Dominic in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Only two other people know that Dominic, a charming Englishman, prosecutor, and musician in Austin, Texas, is also a psychopath. They also know that a year ago he got away with murder.

One of those people is his “special lady,” and the other is her brother, a teenager and fellow psychopath called Bobby. When a wily homicide detective starts digging up that past murder, little Bobby offers to take care of the problem–permanently. Dominic tries to dissuade him, but as he himself knows, psychopaths aren’t good with following instructions. Or impulse control.

As Detective Megan Ledsome circles closer, Dominic knows his life depends on keeping his secrets hidden, from her and the rest of the world. And when his annoying office-mate declares his interest in a judicial position, one he himself would like, Dominic realizes that one of his carefully-orchestrated plans could kill two birds with one stone.

Of course, that means some sleight of hand and a sacrifice or two. But if there’s one thing a psychopath doesn’t mind, it’s sacrificing other people.

My Review:

This book definitely picked up where Hollow Man left off, which I liked, but I still felt a disconnect from all of the characters.  Hollow Man was told completely from Dominic’s point of view, but in this sequel, the story is told from other characters’ points of view as well. This got a little confusing because the chapters were only numbered, so it took a few sentences for me to figure out who was talking every time it switched.

I felt like Hollow Man was a little more fun to read with the heist and some dark humor.  Dominic was a little more serious and I just didn’t love it. However, my husband read both of these and liked them a lot more than I did, so maybe I was just not the right reader. While the writing is very good, I liked this book but did not love it.  I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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