The Heavens May Fall by Allen Eskens

The Heavens May Fall by Allen Eskens

69F9063B-8B38-4CD0-9395-519BFC71760FSynopsis from Goodreads:

Detective Max Rupert is convinced that Jennavieve Pruitt was killed by her husband, Ben. Max’s friend, attorney Boady Sanden, is equally convinced that Ben, his client, is innocent. The case is pushing their friendship to the breaking point and forcing each to confront personal demons.

Max is still struggling with the death of his wife four years earlier and the Pruitt case stirs up old memories. Boady hasn’t taken on a defense case since the death of an innocent client, a man Boady believes he could have saved but didn’t. Now he is back in court, determined to redeem himself for having failed in the past.

Vividly told from two opposing perspectives, the story of Jennavieve Pruitt’s death disrupts many lives and the truth remains a mystery till the very end.

My thoughts and review:

Allen Eskens has officially become one of my favorite writers. I feel like he is not as well known and that surprises me.  His writing is so eloquent and yet straight to the point. His books are all crime fiction, but his characters are some of the most realistic and vulnerable I have ever read in the genre. He gives just enough personal touch to each character, but not so much that it deviates from the plot.

The ending of The Heavens May Fall had a twist I did NOT see coming, and so neatly tied up all the loose ends from the characters and the plot into one cohesive and satisfying conclusion.  I really do think that just about anyone could read one of his novels and enjoy it! If you haven’t read any of his book yet, please consider trying one.  This post is not sponsored, I purchased this book myself, and this is genuinely how I feel. I do recommend reading them in order of publication, but each could each be read as a stand alone if need be.

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