A Perfect Shot by Robin Yocum

A Perfect Shot by Robin Yocum

DBC21F8C-8502-42AB-B9D4-F04A91DD10CFThank you to Seventh Street Books for sending me a free copy of A Perfect Shot in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Synopsis from Goodreads:

A local basketball star in a small Ohio town tries to remake his life in middle age, but instead must confront a murderer and the prospect of leaving his hometown and giving up everything that once gave his life meaning.

Nicholas “Duke” Ducheski is the most important man in the eastern Ohio steel town of Mingo Junction. Nearly two decades after he made the winning shot in the state championship basketball game, he remains much adored and the focal point of community pride. Hardly a day passes when someone doesn’t want to talk about “the game.” Now approaching forty, Duke no longer wants to be defined solely by something he did when he was eighteen. So he decides to parlay his local popularity into a successful restaurant–“Duke’s Place.”

But no sooner does he get his restaurant up and running than disaster strikes. One day, “Little Tony” DeMarco, his brother-in-law and a known mob enforcer, comes into the restaurant and murders Duke’s oldest friend. Now Duke faces the hardest decision of his life. DeMarco thinks he’s untouchable, but Duke discovers a way to take him down, along with his mob superiors.

To do so, however, means leaving Mingo Junction and sacrificing his treasured identity as the town legend. And if he follows through, what will remain of his life?

My Review: 

A Perfect Shot really surprised me!  The first quarter or so of the book had me thrown off. It was bouncing around all over the place, introducing characters, going back and forth in the timeline, providing backstory. I was confused and ALMOST DNF’d the book, I just couldn’t see where it was going.  But then I crested a hill, and once the plot got rolling it picked up big time! Then I just couldn’t put it down.  Now that I have finished the book, I can see that all of the backstory in the beginning really was necessary to build up the plot. A Perfect Shot has a slew of loveable characters and just as many love-to-hate characters. I also learned a lot about mob activity in Ohio, which I previously knew nothing about. I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars, because once I got into it, I loved it, but I feel like the build up of backstory at the beginning could have been woven in a little smoother.

On a side note, my non-reading husband read this book and really liked it. He has started traveling for work and has reluctantly started taking a book along to read on the plane, at my suggestion. I recommended this novel to him, I though he would like the mob activity and that it is set in Ohio, where we live, so he did.  Since reading A Perfect Shot, he has checked every other Robin Yocum book out of the library and liked them as well.  I’ll make a reader out of him yet! So if you are like me and looking for books your husband might like, give this one a try!

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