The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter

The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter

31F99F77-414E-4220-B3B3-5DE73555A665Wow this book was a wild ride and extremely well written.  In a nutshell, this novel is about Megan Ashley, a young woman investigating the setting that inspired her mother’s cult classic novel Kitten, a creepy murder mystery. The book was inspired by and takes place at Bonny Island, off the coast of Georgia. While there, Megan uncovers so many truths and untruths she doesn’t know what to believe and the further she digs for information, the more Kitten seems to contain more fact that fiction.

Ok, I think I really loved this one.  I kept getting Flowers in the Attic vibes with the mommy issues and creepy old mansion hiding secrets. A full cast of unreliable characters made this one twisty ride of a novel. I thought the pacing was perfection, I almost want to call this a slow burn, because there is so much build up but I think the pace was very steady and it made this book hard to put down. A great thriller/mystery that I think just about anyone could enjoy, I give this one five out of five stars!

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