The Lies They Tell by Gillian French

The Lies They Tell by Gillian French

B6CDDEE8-ECAE-4431-94FB-7B00200AE76BThank you to Gillian French and Harper Teen books for sending me a free review copy of The Lies They Tell in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own. 

The Lies They Tell going to be huge hit this summer!  I am a sucker for a good setting and this one hit the nail on the head!  Pearl lives on an island off the coast of Maine.  She is a waitress at the local country club where there is a strict line between club guests and staff. When the summer arrives, so do the usual guests who have homes on “Millionaire’s Row” as the locals call it.  On one of the first days of the season, Bridges (grandson of one of the wealthiest families on the island) asks Pearl for her number. Despite her hesitation, Pearl can’t deny that Bridges seems genuinely interested in her.

As Pearl starts spending time with Bridges and his group of friends, her interests turn instead to Bridges best friend Tristan. His behavior is erratic and closed-off, but that should be expected. Tristan’s family died in a house fire on the island six months previous.  He wasn’t home at the time of the fire and is the family’s sole survivor. The fire turned out the be arson, but no one has been reprimanded in the homicide. Pearl is concerned because her father was the caretaker in charge of the houses’ security rounds on the night of the fire. Ever since, he has lost almost all of this caretaking jobs on the island and is struggling to make ends meet. Pearl finds herself drawn into Tristan’s world and begins searching for clues about what really happened that night.

This YA novel was a slow burn that was very enjoyable.

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