Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter

Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter

F0E0BFF8-7F70-4C1E-AC83-D4EAF2E16616Thank you to Lake Union Publishing for sending me a free review copy of Every Single Secret in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Daphne and Heath are a very much in love couple.  They both had troubled childhoods, and both are content to let the past lie. But when Heath starts having violent nightmares that he doesn’t remember in the morning, he starts to think that therapy may be the right thing for him after all. He convinces Daphne to go away to a therapy retreat with him: along with two other couples, they will stay for a week at the home of a well-known psychologist, Dr. Matthew Cerny.

They aren’t there long before Daphne notices many strange things. Phones and car keys are taken upon arrival, all the rooms have cameras in them, and she never seems to see the other couples. The more she snoops, the more scared she becomes. Things come to a head when Heath starts to dredge up his past to Daphne, combined with all the strange things happening with the doctor, the other couples and the house itself, and Daphne wants out.  But someone wants to keep her in.

Every Single Secret is a beautiful slow burn of a thriller. I think I am starting to become a fan of the smoldering, steadily paced thrillers in general.  Maybe they don’t tear off out of the gate, but there is purpose in the pacing and slow and steady wins the race!

This novel definitely had similarities to Carpenter’s first novel, The Weight of Lies: both have a creep old Victorian mansion, out in the middle of nowhere as a setting. (Lies is on an island, Secret is in the forest). They both dredge up childhood issues as a catalyst for the dynamics in the characters.  Childhood issues that effect adults is a psychology that has always been very fascinating to me. However, even with the similarities, I felt the two books had completely different story lines and both are separately enjoyable.

I loved the setting of this novel, it was highly atmospheric and unreliable, keeping the reader on their toes at all times. The ending was NOT what I thought was coming and I loved it!  I tore through the last 50 pages! I give this one five stars, and am officially a new fan of Emily Carpenter! I can’t wait to read what she comes out with next!

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