The Replacement Wife by Britney King

The Replacement Wife by Britney King

A5E17252-2654-4B79-8DF7-95D48183604ECongratulations to Britney King on the publication of The Replacement Wife and a big thanks to her for having me along for the ride on the blog tour for this modern novel!

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Widower Tom Anderson is a savant with more affinity for numbers than people.  Problem is, one is a lonely number. Thankfully, he solved for X by finding the perfect woman. It wasn’t easy. Tom is very specific. He has to be. 
Having checked ‘find trophy wife’ off his list, life was moving along swimmingly. Until that perfect woman let it slip—she has a past. One she kept hidden, almost perfectly.

Sure, she lied—she fudged the numbers. Most women do. 

Now, Tom has buyers’ remorse and according to cult rules only two options: get rid of her—or single-handedly erase her past. 

She’s a liar. But she does keep house well. And she makes a mean lasagna. 

My Review:

This novel really blew me away.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I should expect going into The Replacement Wife as this was the first novel I have read by Britney King but I was pleasantly surprised. Knowing that the novel is satirical, I thought perhaps it would be on the darker, more serious side.  While it is definitely sinister, there is a funny and quick-witted sense of humor in King’s writing that makes it hard to put down.  It is just so readable!

None of the characters are likeable, but that’s the point. There are a number of metaphors and issues about modern times that can be found between the pages of The Replacement Wife. From gender inequality to the fake lives presented on social media, this novel said what others aren’t brave enough to say.

The exclusive church/cult setting really added a suspense factor, and the mind games everyone played with each other made this very psychological.  I honestly think this book could have been a little longer, there were parts that I wish had gotten a little more explanation and other parts seemed rushed. But the ended was so twisted and I was kicking myself for not seeing it coming!  I feel like King left things open for a sequel and if there is one, I will be all over it!  I rate this one 4 out of 5 stars.



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