Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris

Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris

66F75E60-7857-4777-A1FB-A39676C0B658Thank you St. Martin’s Press for sending me a free copy of Bring Me Back in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Synopsis from publisher:

This highly-anticipated new novel introduces Finn and Layla as a young and in love couple on their way home from vacation. They stop for gas, he goes in to pay and she stays in the car. When Finn comes back, the car door is open and Layla is nowhere to be found. At least that’s what he’s told the police. Ten years later he’s engaged to Layla’s sister and has moved on with his life. Until he finds his fiancee on their sofa turning something over in her hands, something only she, Layla, and he would find any significance in. Has his first love come back to him after all these years? Or is someone playing a sick game? The twists thicken as Finn can’t decide if he’s going crazy or if Layla really is out there. And if she is, what does she want?

My Review:

Bring Me Back  is another solid thriller from author B. A. Paris.  Her novels have such a great readability and this one is no different, I read it in a day and a half.  I really love the set up of this book: it’s divided into two parts, sort of a before and after but I can’t say too much without spoiling it.  You basically spend the first half the book wondering what’s going on, and the second half the book finding out what happened.

Something else I really like is the small number of supporting characters.  Sometimes thrillers can have so many characters, yet it almost seems obvious who is “the bad guy “.  In Bring Me Back,  there are just a few supporting characters that may have been part of the secret, yet each one had such probable cause I was guessing until the end.

The ending of the book made sense, in my opinion, but it was slightly anti-climactic.  Again, I can’t say too much without spoiling it.  Overall I did like it, but I think Behind Closed Doors is still my favorite from this author.  But based on sheer page-turning readability, I am a fan. I rate this one 3.5/5 stars.

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