Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

E6C8ED3C-518C-48D1-A914-C2FEED316B26Thank you to Dutton for providing me with a free digital copy of Lock Every Door in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

To put it simply: I loved this book!  I wish I could forget it all so that I could read it and experience it all over again!  I truly  enjoyed every single page of this suspenseful, dynamic thriller. The third from Sager, Lock Every Door is by far my favorite from this author and I feel like each of his novels just get better and better.

Every element of Lock Every Door was so well balanced, like a perfectly mixed cocktail.  Nothing was lacking, no part taking over.  What really pulled me in was the setting:  The prestigious, yet mystery Bartholomew wasn’t what you would expected as a creepy apartment building because of it’s gorgeous descriptions. It sounded like the most posh, luxurious building in NYC.  However, Sager does a great job of mixing in a few curious details to cast doubt, just enough that you aren’t sure if strange things are really happening or if it’s just in your head.

It really bothers me when a novel relies heavily on a character’s past and flashbacks to hold up what is happening in the present but that was NOT the case with Jules.  Her previous experiences were described just enough to help you understand her actions and choices.  I actually found her to be relatable and gregarious.

The direction this novel was going for the majority of the book had me thinking that things were going to turn out in an unnatural and creepy cacophony, yet ended in what I found to be a disturbingly realistic turn of events.

I loved the format of this book, days counting backwards to the climax, I loved that every chapter had something happening, not just characters mulling over what had already happened. The suspenseful pacing was perfect and I honestly have nothing bad to say.  I loved Lock Every Door and recommend it to mystery and suspense lovers everywhere!


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