Links for all my bookish whereabouts…

Links for all my bookish whereabouts…

So I have acquired quite a few different links in the bookish community and I wanted to write a post that would help keep them all in one place. I have a link tree, but I can never get it to work on my Instagram page, so I plan to link this blog post to my Instagram account instead to make things easy! Here we go:


Goodreads: Just my own personal account.  Every book I read goes on here with a star rating at the least. I don’t blog about every single book I read, mainly I just blog about books that were gifted to me by publishers.

To find me on Goodreads click here.


Book of the Month: I have been a paying member of this monthly service for a long time, 3-4 years I think!  I love it: they offer great books and the service is very easy to manage.  This link will give you and me both a free book if you sign up.


YA Book of the Month: Yup, it’s the same people as the link above, but for YA books. I have two links for this one.


The first is an affiliate link to sign up for YA Book of the Month.  This means that if you click my link and sign up, I get paid a small stipend. I just want to be transparent with you. If you think you would like to sign up to received YA BotM, click here.

The second link is if you are also a blogger and also want to sign up to be an affiliate. If you are interesting in signing up click here.


So that’s it!  All my stuff in one place! Happy clicking!


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