Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

14D8C0DF-0F7F-4D4E-BDEF-7F4A8640C70DWhat a fun, perfectly balanced ghost story! Sager just seems to hit it out of the park with every book!

I enjoyed the format of Home Before Dark, the chapters alternate between ‘the book’ that Maggie’s dad wrote about their experiences living in a haunted house when she was a child, and Maggie 25 years later trying to debunk what she thinks is all lies. This was new for Sager but he wove the different parts together seamlessly, which I think might be pretty difficult, not giving away too much too soon.

I didn’t think anything was over the top and the haunting seemed about as real as haunting can seem. I wasn’t exactly scared by this book but I did love the suspense. A very fun read that would be perfect in the fall!!

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