Devolution by Max Brooks

Devolution by Max Brooks


I received a free audio copy of Devolution from and the publisher. All opinions are my own.

Well this was quite the fun read!! Sometimes going outside of my comfort zone can be very rewarding!

This book is about a group of people that encounter the legend known as Sasquatch. It’s not a legend that I have ever believed in before which is why reading this book was very different for me. BUT: I loved it! The author did a great job of building up the characters and their lives and slowly adding in the sightings of Sasquatch. Doing so made it feel much more realistic, and the character’s doubts in what they were seeing added to the suspenseful ‘what-if’ factor. What if Sasquatch is real? What do you do if you encountered one?

The full cast audio narration was also great and really added to the scientific nature of the book with park ranger interviews and articles. Devolution is full of dynamic characters, a believable plot, and lots of action and suspense! Overall I really enjoyed this one and would recommend it to anyone looking for something different!

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