Eventide by Sarah Goodman

Eventide by Sarah Goodman

Thank you Tor Books for sending me a free copy of Eventide in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

I don’t read much YA, I usually just mix it in as a palette cleanser. I guess I don’t expect much from YA, the stories are pretty linear and the writing can be simplistic, but that’s ok. It really is! However, Eventide did not fall prey to the typical traits of a YA novel. It was much more sophisticated and I really enjoyed it!

The plot follows two orphaned sisters as they step off the orphan train in a small town and are unexpectedly split up, being taken by different families. That alone was enough for me to want to keep reading. But as their lives go in different directions, a mystery surrounding the girls’ parents arrises, making the book even more compelling. Some witch craft makes an appearance towards the end to tie everything together, and the result is a very well done historical fiction novel!

I really like the witch crafts elements, which were well done. If you’re instantly thinking of the typical fantasy tropes common in YA, think again. Eventide’s magic is more of the folklore variety and fit in perfectly with the time and setting. Oh, and it’s not scary, so it would make a perfect spooky fall book for anyone who doesn’t like scary! I do, but was still able to enjoy this book!

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