Book Review: A Solitude of Wolverines by Alice Henderson

Book Review: A Solitude of Wolverines by Alice Henderson

Thank you to William Morrow for sending me a free copy of A Solitude of Wolverines in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


While studying wolverines on a wildlife sanctuary in Montana, biologist Alex Carter is run off the road and threatened by locals determined to force her off the land.

Undeterred in her mission to help save this threatened species, Alex tracks wolverines on foot and by cameras positioned in remote regions of the preserve. But when she reviews the photos, she discovers disturbing images of an animal of a different kind: a severely injured man seemingly lost and wandering in the wilds.

After searches for the unknown man come up empty, local law enforcement is strangely set on dismissing the case altogether, raising Alex’s suspicions. Then another invasive predator trespasses onto the preserve. The hunter turns out to be another human—and the prey is the wildlife biologist herself. Alex realizes too late that she has seen too much—she’s stumbled onto a far-reaching illegal operation and now has become the biggest threat.

In this wild and dangerous landscape, Alex’s life depends on staying one step ahead—using all she knows about the animal world and what it takes to win the brutal battle for survival.

My Review:

A Solitude of Wolverines was such a fun surprise of a suspense book! Part wildlife conservation novel, part suspense thriller, this book is a rare gem!

Before I go any further, I have to comment on the extremely informative land and wildlife conservation portions of the book. Henderson really did her research, and provided what I have to believe are very accurate facts about conversation efforts as well as the life of a conservationist. This is a topic I am definitley interested in but don’t know much about so I really enjoyed learning more about it, and I always love when I can learn from the books I read!

The suspense parts of this book came in little spurts, and at times the plot felt a little loose, like I wasn’t always sure where it was heading, but the ending was spectacularly exciting! I really liked the main character Alex, I felt like she was one of the most realistic female characters I have read in a while. All of her choices are justified and it made her feel like a friend you might already know. There were never any of those moments when you just have to roll your eyes at the stupid life choices the female lead is making, Alex is a female character you can look up to!

I have heard this is the first book in a series, each book focusing on a different animal for conservation efforts, and if that is true, I am definitely on board for the next wild ride! I would recommend this one to suspense lovers and suspense newbies alike! There wasn’t a ton of violence so it would work for those who prefer a tamer thriller.