Book Review: A Blizzard of Polar Bears

Book Review: A Blizzard of Polar Bears

I received a free copy of A Blizzard of Polar Bears from the publisher, all opinions are my own.


Fresh off her wolverine study in Montana, wildlife biologist Alex Carter lands a job studying a threatened population of polar bears in the Canadian Arctic. Embedded with a small team of Arctic researchers, she tracks the majestic bears by air, following them over vast, snowy terrain, spending days leaning precariously out of a helicopter with a tranquilizer gun, until she can get down on the ice to examine them up close.

But as her study progresses, and she gathers data on the health of individual bears, things start to go awry. Her helicopter pilot quits unexpectedly, equipment goes missing, and a late-night intruder breaks into her lab and steals the samples she’s collected. She realizes that someone doesn’t want her to complete her study, but Alex is not easily deterred.

Managing to find a replacement pilot, she returns to the icy expanses of Hudson Bay. But the helicopter catches fire in midflight, forcing the team to land on a vast sheet of white far from civilization. Surviving on the frozen landscape is difficult enough, but as armed assailants close in on snowmobiles, Alex must rely on her skills and tenacity to survive this onslaught and carry out her mission.

My Review:

Last year, I read Henderson’s debut thriller A Solitude of Wolverines and found it to be a refreshing spin on the mystery/thriller genre! I loved the inclusion of well researched animal conservation information that was the foundation for the book.

A Blizzard of Polar Bears was more of that same great mix! I loved getting to learn how scientists track and study polar bears on an up-close-and-personal level. And this novel had a lot more action and adventure! This was a non-stop ride and I had so much fun reading it. I’m very impressed with how well balanced this novel was: great detail in setting description, well researched conversation information, strong character development, on-point mystery, and fast pacing! This series is a hit!