How To Bury Your Brother by Lindsey Rogers Cook

How To Bury Your Brother by Lindsey Rogers Cook

D7059D25-E48F-442C-B443-14BAB2750E62How To Bury Your Brother is a  heartfelt book about family, secrets and love really took me by surprise.  It went much deeper than I anticipated and I’m still thinking about it days later.


Alice always thought she’d see her brother

again. Rob ran away when he was fifteen, with so many years left to find his way home. But his funeral happened first.

Now that she has to clear out her childhood home in Georgia, the memories come flooding in, bringing with them an autopsy report showing her family’s lies-and sealed, addressed letters from Rob.

In a search for answers to questions she’s always been afraid to ask, Alice delivers the letters. Each dares her to open her eyes to her family’s dark past-and her own role in it. But it’s the last letter, addressed to her brother’s final home in New Orleans, that will force her to choose if she’ll let the secrets break her or finally bring her home.

Everything I Never Told You meets The Night Olivia Fell set against a vivid Southern backdrop, How to Bury Your Brother follows a sister coming to terms with the mystery behind her brother’s disappearance and death.

My Review:

One of the thoughts that kept reverberating through my mind while reading How To Bury Your Brother was surprise. I was surprised at the deep life insights found within the pages from a seemingly young author. I am not sure just how old Ms. Cook is, but the picture on her website shows a young lady who looks like she has at least a few more years before hitting 30. How she managed to convey such mature and wise-beyond-her-years digressions about life and relationships is a wonder. I found myself relating to much of what the characters were going through and it made my reading experience so immersive.

This is a story about so much: loss and grief, but also love and relationships.  And more than anything, how keeping secrets, no matter how good the intentions, can hurt those closest to you. This was a slow burner of a novel but packed full of emotional depth.  And it was all moved along smoothly by Alice’s quest to deliver her brother’s letters.  I really don’t have anything bad to say about this one, it was beautiful and I think it will stay with me for a long time.  I will definitely be looking for more from Lindsey Rogers Cook in the future!