The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

CA0E94B9-933C-4C2E-BDB0-D457EC20E2B9Thank you Atria books for sending me a free copy of The Family Upstairs in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.


Soon after her twenty-fifth birthday, Libby Jones returns home from work to find the letter she’s been waiting for her entire life. She rips it open with one driving thought: I am finally going to know who I am.

She soon learns not only the identity of her birth parents, but also that she is the sole inheritor of their abandoned mansion on the banks of the Thames in London’s fashionable Chelsea neighborhood, worth millions. Everything in Libby’s life is about to change. But what she can’t possibly know is that others have been waiting for this day as well—and she is on a collision course to meet them.

Twenty-five years ago, police were called to 16 Cheyne Walk with reports of a baby crying. When they arrived, they found a healthy ten-month-old happily cooing in her crib in the bedroom. Downstairs in the kitchen lay three dead bodies, all dressed in black, next to a hastily scrawled note. And the four other children reported to live at Cheyne Walk were gone.

My Review:

I honestly went into this novel blind because I have come to love and trust this author just that much! She creates dynamic and realistic characters, twisty page-turning plots, and her books are so much fun to read!

The Family Upstairs is told from three points of view.  At first, I couldn’t see how the three separate story lines would mesh together, although I had a feeling they would.  Jewell wound this one up so tight that as the novel progressed, the separate POV’s spiraled tighter and tighter until they all came together with forehead smacking perfection: as in “Duh, how did I not see that coming!?”

I was so invested in these characters and their lives which is unusual for me.  When a novel has duel or triple story lines, I find myself liking one better than the other but with this one, I was vested in all three.  A quick read, this novel was an easy five stars for me and will be perfect for any lover of mystery and suspense!